Multiplatform Integration

 With ProForecast you can easily import all of your financial data to your forecasts in a fraction of a time. Our integration feature allows you to import data from spreadsheets via native CSV mapping system or you can use our specially designed connector that will connect to all of the systems at the click of a button! By connecting to data from our systems to yours, users eliminate the time spent previously cobbling data together and open up new possibilities to streamline their business operations!

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CSV Integration


True to the classic ProForecast ease of use, all of our plans let professionals connect with CSV files with just clicks and selecting some data fields. This helps all business to bring critical data to ProForecast faster!

ProForecast CSV integration is compatible with the majority of accounting software packages that have the CSV export compatibility.

For those users who are looking for a more seamless integration solution, we offer a specially designed connector.

It runs in the background converting the stored data created by your accounting system into a single unified form. The unified data is then delivered to your ProForecast account.

ProForecast connector is available to purchase in app at £5 per connector. It is compatible with the majority of accounting software packages and works with both on-premise and cloud-based accounting suites.

Designed for You and Your Team

Unlike other general-purpose business intelligence (BI) tools, our integration capabilities were designed and built for planning. We make it easy to extract scenarios and integrate the data with your data, business models, forecasts, and dashboards so you can focus on driving corporate performance.


Multiple sources

Gathering data from multiple sources for financial planning can make a task more difficult than it needs to be and cause major disruption. As your staff manually integrates and reconciles data, your reports can become cumbersome and inherently problematic. If your business works on spreadsheets or multiple different platforms, this can lead to inconsistent results that can be very difficult to be reconciled at a later time. Spreadsheets are also not designed to handle the ever-increasing amounts of data and analytics demands necessary for real-time.

Faster Time to Value

With an easy-to-use integration platform designed with you in mind, your implementations will be faster than if you try to manage your data manually or use general-purpose tools. Using ProForecast gives you total control of ownership of your dashboards with no risk of damage by other users.

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Add sophisticated data governance, workflows, and audit capabilities. Deliver self-service planning and create insightful analytics and business intelligence dashboards with a fresh, intuitive user experience by moving all of your hierarchies, calculations, data and security to one place where everyone can access it. Everyone will have the same view, the same data quality, the same place to change any errors and ask questions from.