ProForecast provides cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) and financial forecasting software that gives you reliable data, insights and helps to encourage your business growth through quality business planning and strategy.

ProForecast lets you move beyond Excel sheets and streamlines your business planning, budgeting, cash flow & financial forecasting integrating them into your performance management with intuitive cash flow forecasting software. 

ProForecast Forecasting Software Features

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Sync your data with ProForecast

ProForecast advanced planning and business forecasting software seamlessly integrate with your SAGE 50 & SAGE 50C. Connecting data from our systems to yours, users eliminate the time spent previously cobbling data together and open new possibilities to streamline their business operations. Connect ProForecast with SAGE 50 & SAGE 50C to increase agility, enhance collaboration and improve decision-making.

Fully automate your actuals, budgets and forecasting by integrating your planning and modelling between ProForecast and SAGE 50 and 50C.

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What if analysis dashboard

Better Financial Forecasting Software

ProForecast helps you make smarter and more strategic business decisions by helping you measure business performance.

Our business forecasting software focuses on providing the best reporting, planning and cash flow forecasting tools by enabling the user to run the most comprehensive cash flow forecasts, budget and execute various scenarios and stress test your business’s financial future.

ProForecast business forecasting software will enrich your planning processes with interactive reports, data visualisation, and corporate dashboards. 

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