ProForecast Financial Planning Software…
Collaborative Integrated Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, P&L, Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting for Business.

  • ProForecast, strategic financial planning software, reporting and forecasting designed for the Mid-Market
  • High-level forecasting or Drill Down for a greater level of granularity.
  • Make informed decisions about the future of your company quickly and accurately.
  • Rapier AI driven Demand Forecasting uses machine learning to create accurate medium term Demand Forecasts which are continuously updated with each recalculation.
  • ProForecast turns months of work into weeks, weeks into days and days into hours.
  • Reduce system implementation times, and monthly, quarterly and annual closing times using our Rapier AI Engine, Import Manager and training package to create an outstanding ROI.
  • Produce informed and graphically enhanced reports with our Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation layer.
  • Create Custom Dashboards with tailored reports for stakeholders, internal or external to the organisation.
  • As a SaaS based cloud application ProForecast is accessible from any device anywhere.


      Fulkrum is a class leading inspection, expediting, auditing and technical staffing service provider.


      Potter Space owns, operates and develops five business parks across the UK, each connected by road or rail to major business arteries and offering links to our key cities and ports.


      Kenect Recruitment Ltd supports and provides local SME’s and corporate entities with temporary & permanent staffing solutions in a wide range of sectors.


      MKC Wealth is a boutique, independent wealth management firm. We invest our time to understand our client’s goals and needs before designing and implementing a comprehensive plan.


      DESSC (Dubai English Speaking School & College) sits at the very centre of the educational landscape of Dubai, combining two of the top British Curriculum schools across the UAE.


      Crossroads was one of the first companies in the country to be appointed as an independent Volvo Distributor for Yorkshire. The success of the organisation has been based on a very simple philosophy of providing customers with a first class level of local service.


      As the only bank 100% dedicated to serving British farmers and the rural economy you’ll get the specialised lending you need to run your farm. If you’re an individual or business.


      The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) leads, educates and supports doctors who are training and working in the specialties of clinical oncology and clinical radiology.


      Neuven is a multi-award-winning neutral vendor for all your temporary staffing and workforce management needs.

    Choose ProForecast

    • Unparalleled Flexibility – Create complex company structures, multiple plans and copies, switch currencies at report level or create plans in different currencies with full micro and macro “What If” capability. 
    • Produce a living forecastbased on real data as the forecasting period unfolds and benchmark performance against your annual or long term, budgetary forecast.
    • Fully integrated Forecasts– Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss fully integrated with deep drill down capabilities.
    • Multi layered Permissions & Collaboration – Three licence level layers enable collaboration between multiple users with secure user rights restricting access to confidential areas. Full edit rights, menu driven limited permission edit rights, or free of charge – limited viewing rights licences.
    • Audit Trail – Retain a full audit trail of all changes made by each user.
    • Rapier AI Engine – ProForecast’s proprietary AI engine Rapier analyses accounts and can remove much of the chore of data entries by pre-populating data entries. Users retain full control of the AI engine and can choose to use its predictions or overwrite the values.
    • Custom Formulae – Overheads and expenses can be modelled using a library of proven & trusted prebuilt formulae, and precisely tailored using the library, as a % of sales, % of fixed assets, cost per employee, annually amortised, seasonally amortised & multiple other methods & further refined by adding credit terms, and selecting multiple types of prepayment and accrual calculations.
    • Multi Currency – Automatically calculate Fx gains and losses, switch reporting currencies instantly.
    • Drill Down – ProForecast allows you to drill down with as detailed a level of granularity as your data will allow. Drill down to see the performance or impact of an individual product on your business, the performance of individual departments, revenue lines, overhead groups, overhead lines or personnel.
    • Automated Reporting Packs– Stakeholders can view both Financial and Non-Financial information to understand how the business is performing, monthly, quarterly and annual stakeholder report packs can be automated.
    • Self Service Dashboards & Reports – Unleash the limited capabilities of your accounting package using our self service dashboards, reports and award winning BI platform.
    • Global and Micro “What If” Forecasting – Make informed business decisions by analysing the effect that a range of situations would have on your business using “What If” scenario planning. Build your assumptions in ProForecast by utilising multiple Global “What If’s” to drive your planning. Add step changes to see how tuning your assumptions with Micro “What If’s” will impact the future of your business or run a Monte Carlo Analysis to see the probability of a particular outcome on Sales & Gross Margin.
    • Consolidations –  Produce consolidated reports and forecasts for a corporate group, multi-site business or franchise operation, use the consolidation journal to quickly make intercompany adjustments.
    • Faster Closing – Automate monthly, quarterly and annual closing to minimise costs and time.
    • Outstanding ROI – The system will typically pay for itself in less than a year and achieve a triple digit ROI in the medium term, whilst helping to drive costs down, improve margins and mitigate risk.
    • Data ManipulationExport and manipulate data with the power of Excel analytics and pivot tables.

    Stunning Reports & BI


    • BI and Data Visualisation Layer – ProForecast’s Data Visualisation Layer allows users to define and build stylish and interactive reports. The business intelligence behind the visualisation enables you to drill down and gain insights into the performance of your business at the lowest level of granularity that your accounting data allows.
    • Powerful BI – the ProForecast BI layer matches the power of the best BI packages.
    • Rolling Forecast’s – allow you to produce a living forecast based on real data as the forecasting period unfolds and benchmark performance against your annual or long term budgetary forecast.
    • Actual & Variance Reports – switch instantly from a rolling forecast to an actual variance report using overhead groups to drill down for a highly granular analysis.
    • Beautiful & Intelligent Report Packs – produce branded reports, board or management packs. Choose the data sets and values you want to report on. Personalise the output reports with your own logo, colour scheme and fonts, Create automatic e-mail schedules for regular reporting requirements and distribution.
    • Flexible Dashboards – ProForecast offers you a range of dashboard templates to choose from or allows you to create your own with a simple drag and drop methodology. Easily build and distribute ad hoc reports using the inbuilt report generator. These can be shared internally and externally at no additional charge.
    • Custom Formulas and KPI’s – there are over 120 pre-built KPI’s. ProForecast allows the users to define their own KPI’s to build their own business specific KPI dashboard. ProForecast also gives the user the flexibility of creating their own custom formulas.
    ProForecast Financial Planning Software

    Unleash the Financial Reporting Capabilities of Your Accounts Package

    Self-Service Reporting

    • Enable data-driven decisions for all of your stakeholders with an operational reporting suite that caters to different needs and skill levels.
    • Create pixel-perfect ad hoc reports in a drag and drop UI.
    • Explore canned reports through interactive filters and formatting.
    • Merge filtered data onto Word, PDF, or Excel forms with templates.
    • Build and edit reports using live data, cached data, or a combination of both.
    • Schedule reports to be emailed on a recurrence pattern.
    • Add user-defined formulas, conditional formatting, drilldowns, crosstabs, charts, maps, and more.

    Interactive dashboards

    • ProForecast’s BI dashboards  do not require cubes, code, or custom data models to build, so your users can compile the crucial, high-level insights they need to run their businesses, even if they aren’t developers.
    • Easily drag and drop existing reports and charts or build new ones directly on the canvas
    • Drill through to visualizations, tabular reports, and other dashboards for a complete data story.
    • Get the data they need fast by filtering individual elements or the entire dashboard
    • Export and email dashboards on the spot or on a set schedule
    • Add KPIs, live web pages, images, and text

    Dig Deep Into Your Historic Financial & Non-Financial Data

    • Report backwards up to 24 months prior to your financial forecasting or budget start date, a historic overview enables users to gain perspective and help to better interpret live actual and forecast data, highlighting trends and given users a much deeper understanding and basis to make data-driven decisions.
    • Import your historic general ledger data and incorporate it seamlessly into the report suite, which helps users to highlight trends and identify both opportunities and threats, which can then be further exploited or countered by using the strategic planning element of ProForecast.
    • The ProForecast system enables users to automatically import historical actual data from a range of sources, this includes Financial Data from accounting applications to Non-Financial data such as environmental, social and HR applications which affects the organisation.
    • Marry a range of historical data sources and integrate into strategy delivering insights, including legacy systems which might otherwise be unsupported yet remain mission critical. Through the ProForecast BI System users can create and set targets in alignment with business goals and monitor Non-Financial KPI’s alongside their Financial counterparts providing a single source of truth.
    • This ability to incorporate historical actuals allows for evaluation and planning activities provides external assurance & meets stakeholder expectations whilst providing a strong scientific decision making tool to better realise your company’s objectives.

    Forecasting & Scenario Planning

    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies – deliver value by helping customers enhance productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve processes that ultimately result in better products and services. 
    • ProForecast – models the entire business, enabling companies to navigate change with an active planning process. This includes everything needed to plan, forecast, monitor, and analyse their business. 
    • Configured to the needs of your business – by providing the framework for collaboration, and the insight needed to improve your revenues, minimise costs and mitigate risks, and overall business performance management.
    • Risk Mitigation – The Macro and Micro “What If” capabilities enable users to scenario plan with confidence a multitude of scenarios and in a crisis rapidly explore solutions or re calculate the forecast.
    • Pre Built Calculation Models – create reliable forecasts, they are tested and known to work.
    • Over 300 Prebuilt Modules – can be used in any combination to quickly create business processes such as multiple loan types with extensive customisation features, employee modules, capital modules, fixed asset modules, prepayments, accruals, specialist revenue models, invoice discounting & factoring, taxes, creditors, debtors, deferred revenues, journals and numerous other modules.
    • Choose Calculation Methods – when faced with unknown situations use the prebuilt calculation modules to forecast both revenues or overheads by entering the appropriate cost or revenue assumptions. Where the business has a sound understanding of its revenue and cost history values can be entered directly. In both cases the inbuilt “What if” planning tool will still function.
    • Step Change Functionality – Any calculated value can be stepped up or down mid forecast using the step change function, without breaking the inbuilt formulas and enabling users to create “Micro What If” scenarios at will.

    AI Driven Machine Learning Automatic Demand Forecasting Module

    • Demand Forecasting Customised for Your Business.
    • There is no one size fits all solution for demand forecasting – there are a near infinite number of variables and nearly as many different business challenges forecasting is being used to solve.
    • Proforecast works with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges to build, an Advanced Demand Forecasting module specifically for your business
    • RAPIER is a system developed by ProForecast that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically create accurate 12 month predictions.
    • Rapier uses 18 months historic data from the core accounting system or other data store to create accurate 12 month forecasts.
    • Its unique algorithms will project forward with over 98% accuracy in the initial 6 months of the forecast, which reduces over the proceeding 6 months to 92% by month 12.
    • However Rapier is not a black box and users can easily overwrite and amend the projected values and by reforecasting every week or month it constantly refreshes the forward periods to maintain the near term accuracy.
    • All data can be viewed securely and filtered on a wide range of metrics, by supplier, by SKU, description, pack size and any other required metrics.
    ProForecast Financial Planning

    Integrations That Speed Up System Adoption & Shorten Period End Closing

    • Whether using direct integrations or CSV imports – our import manager tool will make working with imported data a snip.
    • Map once – and on any subsequent import the system will automatically assign the imported data to the correct account, whether when importing the opening trial balance or monthly actuals.
    • If accounts are added – simply add the new accounts to the existing map and they will also automatically be mapped in subsequent imports.
    • Import external data – payroll, personnel and non core accounting data.
    • Export your forecast – back into the Accounts IQ budget for a completely seamless experience.
    • The import manager tool – speeds up both setup and period end closing.
    • Rapier AI – removes much of the drudgery of data setup.
    • Major cost and time savings – at setup and monthly, quarterly and annual closings, achieved by using the Import manager and Rapier AI.
    • System adoption times – can be reduced to between 4 and 12 weeks using our Integration Manager, Rapier AI and our FP&A Consultants and training programme.

    Direct Integrations

    CSV Integrations

    Non Financial Integrations

    Trends in non-financial KPIs can give valuable insights into how a business is performing. The average company has 100 SaaS apps to manage & Data is siloed across countless different systems, making access and  analysis difficult. Forrester says between 60% and 73% of data within an enterprise is unused for analytics

    • The answer to this difficulty is to integrate those SaaS apps by direct integration into your budgeting and forecasting process.
    • Our Professional Services team can connect your enterprise applications cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-ground, facilitate the flow of data via API-led integration or integrate with B2B partners securely and with ease.
    • Inexpensively build custom integrations for the majority of CRM, Payroll, HR and social media packages, or any application with a restful API.
    • Generate more value from your data with less distraction from your core business.
    • Have a firm handle on the source of your business then you can spot hidden dangers that might lead to future problems.
    • Build a template gallery to provide pre-made dashboards for common reports used by your business operation teams (think team KPIs, leadership dashboards and decks and revenue analyses).
    • When coupled with ProForecast’s Rapier Ai forecasting tool it can become an extremely important addition to your management toolkit, not only creating historic insights but accurate predicted insights.
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    Stakeholder Benefits

    • ProForecast – is a powerful tool, not just for the internal finance team, but for employees, managers, directors, shareholders and external stakeholders who can all receive personalised information.
    • Automated report Packs – All stakeholders need access to pertinent information, this can take many hours for finance teams to prepare or in some cases be impossible to create in the required timeframes, with ProForecast’s automated data management systems an infinite range of Stakeholder Information packs can be created automatically and distributed to predefined schedules.
    • Interactive live reporting – Reports can be updated in real time along with graphs and dashboards, the inbuilt analysis codes and analytics enable each stakeholder to receive exactly the information they need, with the detailed permission control systems maintaining confidentiality at all times.
    • Export Data – Data can be pushed out to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and into Accounts IQ budgets, using the BI layer, KPI’s and other data can be presented in exciting and visually stimulating ways.
    • Faster Closing – Stakeholders receive more up to date information faster.
    • Stakeholders Benefits
      – Range from improved transparency.
      – Personalised information packs.
      – More efficient use of resources, with significant cost and time savings.
      – Major cost and time savings at month end, quarterly and annual closings.
      – Improved faster decision making, using scenario planning, resulting in margin and cost improvements.
      – Improved stakeholder satisfaction and employee retention.
      – ROI is immediate with payback usually achieved in less than 12 months.
    Financial Reporting

    Return On Investment

    • Investment Return – Download our ROI tool to calculate the return on investment for your business. Typically you could expect payback in less than 12 months and a ROI of over 100% over five years. The image below shows a typical ROI using the calculator.

    Along with the core sales model there are multiple specialised Revenue Models which can be added in any combination, to reflect businesses with complex requirements, speeding up system adoption and eradicating the complexities of multiple excel models.

    • Products Target Model
    • Professional Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Agency Sales
    • Licence or Franchise Fees
    • Capacity Yield Model
    • Projects

    Project Planning Module

    Project Planning & Cost Forecasting

    The ProForecast project planning module is a fully integrated financial forecasting and project planning system, enabling users to plan, budget and cost all elements within 4 distinct phases: Initiation, planning, execution, and closure, whilst integrating the costs within the financials, which can be on a project, departmental, or divisional basis or within the full financials of the company.

    • Projects can be  broken down into multiple elements with different teams, so that sub plans are all integrating into an overall plan.
    • Multiple projects can be run over varying timescales.
    • Projects can be run on a departmental, or divisional basis, with costs assigned to the correct cost centres.
    • Direct labour costs are calculated based upon time worked and true employment costs calculated via the integrated payroll module.
    • Subcontractor’s & Clients bills can be subject to retentions, with the ability to release or write off at future dates.
    • Using the powerful BI engine project include detailed reports, KPI dashboards and calculated ROI


    Project Planning as Part of  FP&A

    • Our planning module sits within our fully integrated and Collaborative Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, P&L, Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting application.
    • Allows Finance Teams, Department Heads, Project Managers and Teams to work together in one integrated platform.
    • The platform can be used as a stand-alone planning application with full project financials or integrated into the company core financials.
    • Recognition of all costs including direct labour using the payroll management suite.
    • High-level forecasting or Drill Down for a greater level of granularity.
    • Attach store and retrieve documents. *Awaiting implementation
    • Variance report analysis.
    • Financial analysis by project, coupled with project financing.
    • Multiple projects can be set up in an unlimited number of departments or divisions.
    • Full audit trail and user hierarchy, so that users will only have access to authorised areas of the application ensuring data confidentiality.
    • Create Custom Dashboards with tailored reports for stakeholders, internal or external to the organisation.
    • As a SaaS based cloud application ProForecast is accessible from any device anywhere.
    Financial Reporting
    • Consolidate – multiple subsidiary companies into one group forecast. 
    • Inter Company Balances – make adjustments using the consolidation journal, easily account for intercompany balances and transfers.
    • Run models – with group level “What If” scenarios. 
    • Benchmark – the performance of individual group entities with financial and non-financial KPI’s.
    • Multi Currency Consolidation – By switching the reporting currency values of any subsidiaries into the currency of the reporting entity the holding company consolidation can be completed in the currency of choice.
    • Report Package – Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Profit & Loss account, with full drill down and cash Flow plus KPI dashboards.
    • Dedicated Account Manager – As soon as you sign up with ProForecast you will be allocated a dedicated FP&A Consultant as your account manager. Your account manager, is always on hand to help you get the very best out of the system, whether it be aiding you with set up, training or keeping in regular contact with suggestion on how best to use ProForecast’s features to maximise the return on your companies investment. Our FP&A consultants are all trained accountants, so they understand your language.
    • Training & Support – Your account manager will set up a series of training sessions with your staff and train them to get the maximum out of the system in the shortest time frame. The lifetime support package will support you at all stages of your ProForecast journey.
    • Customer Led Development – We believe that ProForecast is currently the most powerful business forecasting tool in the market. How did we get here? We listened to our customers and what they wanted from the system and prioritised those features in development. How do we stay the best? We keep listening to our customers and keep evolving the system to meet the ever-changing demands of the markets they operate in. Staying in a state of Perpetual Beta allows us to constantly be ahead of the competition in features and usability. Your account manager will keep you updated of new developments and capture your requirements and track them on the development roadmap for you.
    • Custom Developments – Use our Bi, Data Science & Software Engineering teams to build custom modules, bolt on applications, reports and dashboards at significantly less cost than employing your own development staff.
    • Outsourced Financial Planning – As our FP&A consultants are all experienced accountants they can build your forecast for you or regularly update them for an inexpensive daily rate.

    Need new features? Talk to us and we’ll build it.
    Questions on how to get the best out of ProForecast?
    Book a support session.

    ProForecast Financial Planning


    UK Datacentre – Hosted at a 5,000 sq/m LON3 data centre in Slough, powered by 100% renewable energy.

    Facility and Security

    • Raised Flooring
    • 15 MVA Total Utility Power
    • Manned 24x7x365
    • Biometric Scanners
    • Video Surveillance
    • Alarm System
    • Key Card Access Required
    • Laser Based Smoke Detection

    Power & Cooling

    • 250 kW UPS Power Capacity
    • N+1 Redundancy
    • Diesel-Powered Generators with 2MW Capacity
    • 10,000 Litre Fuel Tanks
    • Over 3,000 Tons of Cooling Capacity, N+3 Redundancy
    • Double Interlocked Dry Pipe Pre-Action Sprinkler System
    • Connectivity & Infrastructure

    Facility and Connectivity & Infrastructure

    • Multiple Tier-1 Service Providers
    • 10-Gigabit Ethernet Per Carrier
    • Redundant Cisco 3-Tier LAN Architecture
    • 8 Carriers Providing Fibre Based Connectivity to Site
    • Redundant Cisco & ARISTA Routers
    • BGP Multipath Route Optimization


    • SSAE18 SOC1, SOC2, SOC3
    • ISO27001
    • ISO14001
    • ISO9001
    • PCI DSS
    • Microsoft Sequel Server SQL – ProForecast uses the most current Windows Server version, Windows Server 2019.
    • Microsft.Net Framework – .NET is the umbrella term for the entire development platform.
    • C# – The general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language, which encompasses static typing, strong typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented(class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines.
    • Data Security – Data is backed up incrementally on a daily basis with weekly full backups also taking place. These are managed by the Datacentre Backup team using enterprise-grade Dell EMC backup appliances with Commvault backup software. This will be encrypted and stored on-site for 2 weeks.
    • Security Tooling – Armor Anywhere software is used to protect the servers from threats through a combination of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Malware Protection, File Integrity Monitoring, Log Management and Vulnerability Scanning. This is supported by a team of 24x7x365 SOC engineers who proactively respond to alerts generated .
    • Penetration Testing – Monthly penetration tests are undertaken and any identified known weaknesses have the latest security patches applied.

    98.94% 5 Year Annual Compound Growth Rate