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Business Performance Management and Financial Forecasting Software

ProForecast provides cloud-based business performance management software that gives you reliable data, insights and helps to encourage your business growth through quality business planning and strategy.

ProForecast lets you move beyond Excel sheets and streamlines your business planning, budgeting & cash flow forecasting integrating them to your performance management with intuitive business forecasting software. ProForecast gives you all important business analytics and intelligence dashboards in one software platform!

Forecasting Dashboard

Start using best strategic & cash flow business forecasting software on the market!

Business Strategy and Planning Software

Our fully integrated business planning and financial forecasting software gives you the freedom to plan accurately and effectively in all aspects of your business. By integrating performance management and cash flow recasting our unique business planning system can greatly benefit your organisation.


Financial Forecasting & Analysis Software

Integrate your revenue and expense planning into one forecasting software! ProForecast allows you to create unlimited forecasts for unlimited number of clients and you can adapt your forecast to match a number of different scenarios or you can create a number of different business forecasts. Completely unlimited!


Performance Management Software

Performance reporting that incorporates both operational and financial results and transforms traditional management accounting reports, giving you the tools to make informed decisions and improve your business performance management that is tailored to your business model.


"ProForecast is the most comprehensive and user friendly financial forecasting application I have ever seen"
- Michael Office, Sage Global Product Marketing Director

Financial Performance Software

ProForecast helps you make smarter and more strategic business decisions by helping you measure business performance. Our financial forecasting and business planning software focuses on providing the best reporting, planning and cash flow forecasting options by enabling the user to run the most comprehensive cash flow forecasts, budget and execute various scenarios and stress test your businesses financial future. Our financial forecasting software will enrich your planning processes with interactive reports, data visualisation and corporate dashboards.

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