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ProForecast: Best Financial Forecasting Software

ProForecast is a cloud-based forecasting software, that lets you move beyond Excel sheets and streamline your planning, budgeting & cash flow forecasting processes.

ProForecast is built using established accountancy practises, so its interfaces are familiar and easy to use. By harnessing the power of cloud technology and SQL databases it is an immensely powerful budget & cash flow forecasting application with stunning reporting capabilities incorporating both traditional cash flow forecasting and other financial reports, and visually impressive graphical dashboards.

The built-in intelligence of ProForecast removes many of the problems commonly experienced by Excel users, which coupled with the inbuilt micro and macro 'what if' functionality enables complex scenarios that can be stress tested at the touch of a button.

Selected Features

  • Business model specific
  • Credible forecasts with minimum input
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Accurate business scenario planning
  • Superpowered forecasting engine
  • Credible investor reporting
  • Ongoing software development to cater for your needs!

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"ProForecast is the most comprehensive and user friendly financial forecasting application I have ever seen"
- Michael Office, Sage Global Product Marketing Director

ProForecast Financial Forecasting Software

Scenario planning

ProForecast is the only application to have their ‘what if’ scenario planning built into its DNA with two levels of global & micro scenario planning.

At the micro level, every line of income and expenditure can be individually flexed to infinity enabling the impact of both small and large strategic changes to be measured.

On a global level, numerous scenarios can be run at the touch of a button to create robust, accurate and believable financial forecasts and test multiple hypotheses.

Each 'what if' scenario gives a unique report that shows a true picture of the outcome by showing all of the changes created by it.

Pricing Plans

Here are the current pricing plans for ProForecast. See how cost effective this enterprise level business financial forecasting solution can be for your business.

1 - 3 Users

£60 /mo Per User

+Vat at the prevailing rate
  • Set-up Fee Per User £290

4 - 6 Users

£55 /mo Per User

+Vat at the prevailing rate
  • Set-up Fee Per User £290

7 - 10 Users

£52 /mo Per User

+Vat at the prevailing rate
  • Set-up Fee Per User £290

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