Top 10 most used What If Scenarios

Using What-If scenario analysis to make smarter decisions

George W Bush won’t be remembered as one of the great US presidents, however he was unjustly ridiculed for this very pertinent bit of advice, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Or as Harold MacMillan said when asked, what was most likely to blow a government off course he answered, “events my dear boy”.

In today’s world the only certainty is uncertainty, never, have so many of the fundamentals of business been up in the air and open to interpretation. So, here are our top 10 of the most used What If Scenarios.

  • What If demand increases 20%
  • What If export tariffs change?
  • What If the exchange rate changes?
  • What If my supplier costs increase 5%?
  • What If there is a shortage of Raw Materials?
  • What If sales decrease by 3%?
  • What If we increase headcount by 8%?
  • What If stock in transit days increase?
  • What If I introduce a new product?
  • What If I increase my debt levels?

What If, What If, What If.

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Mark Harrison

Chief Commercial Officer