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Strategic Scenario Planning Software

Business Scenario Planning

This what-if analysis and scenario planning software helps to define your critical uncertainties and develop the most plausible future scenarios for your business, helping you find out what impacts your business the most. As you work through creating the baseline model and begin to compare various business scenarios and plan your ‘what-if’ our dynamic scenario analysis tool allowing you to view results through various graphs or spreadsheet reports.

Current business landscape, fluctuating markets, unstable economy, new competitors, – all of these changes can affect the organisation and have big implications to the bottom line. The ability to test various scenarios and see the effects on your bottom line is critical to your company’s financial health. ProForecast turns your plan from an annual activity to a critical, year-round what-if scenario tool for decision makers throughout the organization.

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Native What If Analysis

ProForecast scenario planning software offers the most advanced scenario planning tool that has an integrated what-if analysis tool with both micro and macro scenario analysis for all of your forecasts, reports and budgets.

ProForecast offers users to plan complex scenarios using its native what-if analysis and Monte Carlo analysis tools. This among the other benefits of ProForecast enables the user to manipulate any complex variable in their financial forecast in order to measure its effect on cost and cash flow – using the same logic defined in your production system.

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