Welcome to the New ProForecast

In the state-of-the-art Sunderland Software Centre, you will find ProForecast. Led by Steven Katirai, the ideas behind the application, ProForecast have developed the most powerful Financial Forecasting and Business Strategy application on the market.

“We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market” begins Katirai, “there are a lot of cash flow forecasting tools in the market targeted as small businesses who use Xero or Quickbooks and there are couple of players who have tried to religiously reproduce Sage WinForecast, a desktop application that hadn’t seen any new development for 22 years and has been off support for 5 years.

I felt that it was time that there was a forecasting and strategic planning tool that went beyond the capabilities of WinForecast and was targeted at the businesses that need such tools, Mid-Market and Enterprises. The result was ProForecast”

ProForecast as the name suggests is a professional cloud-based forecasting tool designed for mid-market companies and enterprises who have complex needs.

It includes well developed and comprehensive business templates that eliminate the need for formula building but gives users, the ability to account for unusual accounting scenarios, such as deferred revenues, R&D tax credits, foreign currency loans, mezzanine finance, multiple bank accounts, and many more options. These are coupled to a wide range of prebuilt revenue models, with specific functions for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, capacity constrained businesses, care homes, recruitment, licences, franchises, agency-based businesses, events and box office sales, the entertainment industry, and hospitality industry.

The unique inbuilt global and micro “What if” capabilities enables users to build forecasts and budgets that can be extensively stress tested and plans are automatically benchmarked against a database of 2.5m UK companies spread over 750 business categories.

This is all married to an impressive BI engine which provides users with the ability to dig deep into the data, to extract hidden insights and so make more informed business decisions.

Users can also build their own dashboards and reports in addition to the over 200 beautiful prebuilt graphs and reports.

The system features drill down capabilities to the underling data, multiple users can work on building budgets, forecasts and data can be imported from all accounting programmes, payroll packages and from internal excel models.

ProForecast is constantly adding new features to the package, many of which are driven by the users.

This is all packaged in an easy to use interface, extensive help facilities and an inexpensive monthly subscription.

If you’d like to learn about or try ProForecast go to our website, www.proforecast.com and book a demo with one of our support team and sign up for a 30 day free trial.