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The Benefits of ProForecast

ProForecast is the leading strategic business financial forecasting tool, which uses the power of cloud computing to take account of the complexities of the real world and transform your capability to create accurate forecasts, tailored to the precise needs of the business.

Using our unique and robust forecasting and artificial intelligence engine, financial forecasts including cash flow & budget forecasts can be built quickly, easily and inexpensively, eliminating errors and the vagaries and inaccuracies of excel and other softwares.

ProForecast strategic forecasting software is filled with the comprehensive features and inbuilt templates enable complex financial forecasts to be built quickly, accurately and tailored to the precise needs of the business.

It's nothing like the products you will have seen before. It's much more based on the way accountants and finance leaders actually work. It's built on accountancy models so it can handle the complexities of the real world. It can be adapted to suit different industries and business models as well. Also, you can add in your own headings, do things the way you do them now - except it does a load of the work for you.

Business Model Specific

We provide models for broad industries like Manufacturing, Licences, Consultancy, Agency, Fee Earners, Service Revenues, Product and Services Targets, Capacity & Yield, and so on.

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Specific models in the background can account for various types of loans, mortgages, asset finance, capital structures, balloon payments, capital and interest holidays, various payment models, arrangement fees, foreign currency loans, with automatic exchange rate gains and losses, differed revenues and many more.

Or you can use a manual model, which allows you to create a forecast that is specific to your and your business requirements.

Micro & Macro 'What If' Scenario Planning

ProForecast can help to make huge business decisions that conventional forecasts fall shart on. Traditional forecasting tools are based on histroical data that projects to the future, whereas in ProForecast you can focus on the fundamental business drivers.

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At the micro level, every line of income and expenditure can be individually flexed on an indefinite basis enabling the impact of both small and large strategic changes to be measured.

On a global basis numerous scenarios can be run at the touch of a button to create a robust, accurate financial forecast and test multiple hypothesis, with all changes being reflected in every report and dashboard, giving users a true picture of the outcome.

For professional advisors, the valuation tool lets you clearly demonstrate to clients how a change in strategy will have a direct impact on the business value. This is how to add real value to your clients.

Step Change©

ProForecast is designed for top level strategic forecasts to be done in a detailed and accurate way. The Step Change © function is of major value here: e.g. factor in sudden interest rate or component cost changes, currency rates or any other change.

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Step Change© functionality enables the infinite flexing of every income and expenditure line, either manually or systematically, so that the effects of changes can be shown, whether small or large. It can help you and your clients make decisions on new products and their timing, perform stress testing to justify investments and persuade stakeholders, evaluate investment opportunities and a range of other strategic decisions

Superpowered Forecasting Engine

Within ProForecast the built-in AI engine self corrects errors and simplifies forecast building. In every calculated value, the AI engine will eliminate inconsistencies without skewing the results.

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Unlike the many visualisation products available, ProForecast is built like a true forecasting engine. Our financial forecasting software, enables users to dig deep into the company’s fundamental business drivers, whether costs or revenues, enabling financial forecasts to be built more accurately and avoiding the simplistic percentage change driven outputs, which create inaccurate and unprofessional results.

Quality outputs & dashboards

The all-embracing reporting suite is fully formatted, integrated and includes all required financial and departmental reports allied to multiple financial dashboards with over 120 key graphs, a KPI dashboard and operational graphs. All reports and dashboards can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF or e-mail at the touch of a button.

Collaborate Safely

Power of the cloud enables secure collaboration with your peers. Unlike some other programmes, ProForecast creates a unified forecasting application that enables colleagues of all levels work on forecasts safely, in a transparent and consistent format, enabling results to be tested and replicated. Additionally, you can export any part of your report and safely share it with anybody who wants to have a look.

Cloud Based

You can access our software anywhere that you can get internet access, so for instance making it easy to work on a forecast. As a cloud application, you don't have to worry about updates, servers or licences or security.

Customer Led Development Programme

At ProForecast we believe that no two businesses are the same. So our development programme is led by our customers. ProForecast is constantly evolving and will continue to evolve so ensuring that it will consistently be the leading financial forecasting tool. Our users help to lead the development programme by driving future developments, thus ensuring that the product is constantly updated and adapted to the changes in the market.

Using our unique and robust forecasting and artificial intelligence engine, forecasts can be built quickly, easily and inexpensively, eliminating errors and the vagaries and inaccuracies of excel.

Pricing Plans

Here are the current pricing plans for ProForecast. See how cost effective this enterprise level financial forecasting solution can be for your business.

1 - 3 Users

£60 /mo Per User

+Vat at the prevailing rate
  • Set-up Fee Per User £290

4 - 6 Users

£55 /mo Per User

+Vat at the prevailing rate
  • Set-up Fee Per User £290

7 - 10 Users

£52 /mo Per User

+Vat at the prevailing rate
  • Set-up Fee Per User £290

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