Design and Brand Beautiful Reports

Produce own or client branded reports. Choose the data sets and values you want to report on.

Personalise the output reports with your own logo, colour scheme and fonts before delivering to a client or if you are an in-house financial planning analyst you can brand the reports you create to be in line with your companies branding guidelines.

Flexible Dashboards

ProForecast offers you a range of dashboard templates to choose from or allows you to create your own with a simple drag and drop methodology.

Actuals and Variance Reports

Track how you are performing against your forecast. As live data comes into ProForecast a variance report from your forecast will be produced with a full set of graphs and tables to help you visualise the variance and identify where the differences lie.

Custom Formulas and KPIs

There are over 120 pre-built KPIs. ProForecast allows the users to define their own KPIs and build their own business specific KPI dashboard. ProForecast also gives the user the flexibility of creating their own custom formulas.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation Layer

ProForecast’s Data Visualisation Layer allows you to define and build stylish and interactive reports. The business intelligence behind the visualisation allows you to drill down and gain insights into the performance of your business at as lower level of granularity as the data you enter will allow.