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Our Manufacturing model can accommodate all your manufacturing needs, and allow you to strategically plan for both expected, and unexpected scenarios.

ProForecast manufacturing modules enable users to model multiple complex processes.

We have spent years in research, so we are certain that ProForecast can handle the complexities of your business.

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Direct & Indirect Labour/Services

  • Factor in your labour and service costs to get a more precise cost of producing both individual units, and of mass production.

Factoring/Invoice Discount

  • Our factoring/invoice discount model allows you to deal with variable advances, service fees & interest rates.

Management & Performance Dashboards

  • With over 100 Dashboards, you are able to keep track of all operational and non-operational business indicators.

Production Seasonality

  • Our seasonality function allows you to demonstrate exactly when production takes place, giving you more comprehensive planning capability.

Lead Time

  • By being able to enter your production lead time, it makes sure that every stage of your plan is completely accurate on a day by day basis.

Order Output

  • Selecting outputs enables you to create multiple output products for each manufacturing process.

Opening Orders

  • Including opening orders helps you keep track of production even from before your plan start date, and allows you to link your current workload with your future forecasts.

Personalised KPIs

  • ProForecast gives you the ability to choose the key performance indicators most relevant to your business, and see them all in one convenient location.


  • All reports and dashboards can be exported to excel, word, PDF or email at the touch of a button.

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