Integrated business and financial reporting to help your business prosper!

ProForecast provides a cloud-based integrated business and financial reporting, dashboards and cash flow forecasts. You can expand your service options, revenue and client satisfaction. As well as process efficiency, ProForecast approach also improves the quality of reports and by deploying computing power instead of subjectivity for the interpretation of raw data, it adds objectivity and consistency that increases reliability and usefulness.

See how ProForecast can help you with your growing company’s specific needs!

Quality Outputs and dashboards

The all-embracing financial reporting suite is fully formatted and integrated. Our financial reports include all required financial and departmental reporting features that can be applied to multiple financial dashboards with over 120 key graphs, a KPI dashboard and operational graphs. All reports and dashboards can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF or e-mail at the touch of a button.

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ProForecast software example

Adapted to business models

ProForecast allows the user to create personalised financial reports that are adapted to their business models.  In addition to the models that we have provided our user with, our software can be used with any business models. Users can add, change and run personalized forecasts and reports with ease. Our financial and cash flow forecasts and financial reports can be built using any revenue models in combination.

Collaborate easily

Power of the cloud enables secure collaboration with your peers. Unlike some other programmes, ProForecast creates a unified forecasting application that enables colleagues of all levels to work on forecasts safely, in a transparent and consistent format, enabling results to be tested and replicated. Additionally, you can export any part of your report and safely share it with anybody who wants to have a look.

ProForecast Margin Dashboard

Share, Send and Scale

Our PDF, email and print options make sharing reports with clients clean and easy. You can even share report templates across your practice, making it easy to scale use across similar clients or industry types. Work smarter, not harder.

See how ProForecast can help you with your growing company’s specific needs!