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ProForecast’s advanced cloud-based functionality means that you can access your accurate, up-to-date reports that you require to make informed decisions that will enable you to successfully manage and grow your business. We look at our relationship with you as a long-term partnership and we are determined to provide our clients with the best forecasting tool possible to aid you in making better business decisions and strengthen your business.

At ProForecast we know that no two businesses are the same, so we are working every day towards improving our software to match your business needs.

We constantly work with users to develop new cost and revenue models, as well as added functionally to fit your business.

ProForecast is working on the following developments which will be deployed over the coming year. Some will be new products whilst others will be extensions of the existing product.

See how ProForecast can help you with your growing company’s specific needs!

New Products

ProForecast CF will be our consolidation module will enable any number of forecasts to be combined and will be released shortly as part of our free upgrade programme.

Benchmark Reports will be integrated into the output reports and will validate the forecast by benchmarking the plan against the industry as a whole and key competitors. We welcome any suggested enhancements, new revenue or cost models and will work with users to increase the scope and scale of ProForecast so that the broadest range of models can be quickly and accurately created.

New revenue models we are constantly working to add new revenue models to our software. Over the coming months, we are going add arable and cereal farming, co-generation power station, wind farm, solar panel models and much more. Visit our revenue model to find out more!

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