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Business Model Specific Financial Forecasting by ProForecast

At ProForecast we know that every business is unique. That’s why our financial and performance management software has been adapted to tailor to your or your client’s circumstances.

We provide forecasting adaptations for different industries and business models. We cater for a number of different industries that range from manufacturing to license based businesses.

We have spent years in research and development, so we are certain that ProForecast can handle the complexities of your and your client’s business and the real world. But we know that businesses don’t stand still and keep developing, so we are constantly working to adapt our software to suit our users.

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Manufacturing Model

Manufacturing forecasting model can accommodate for all your manufacturing needs; some key features of this model include:

  • • Trends by season
  • • Production seasonality
  • • Order input
  • • Production capacity
  • • Different input and output materials
  • • Direct labour
  • • Indirect labour
  • • Direct and indirect services

Additionally, the revenue segment for manufacturing forecasting model also includes such features as new business model configuration, factoring/invoice discounting model, lead time model, deposit model, opening orders model, debtors profile and more. Find out more how we can help your manufacturing business.

Product & Services Targeted Model

At ProForecast we concentrate on catering for your business, whatever the size. This model can be adapted to concentrate on micro and macro breakdowns. Additionally, conventional product & services targeted models drill down into too much detail, so that entire stock files are modelled, creating a micro model which can be too difficult to interpret. ProForecast focuses on product groups, enabling the effects of changes in product mixes and changes in pricing to be our 'what if' tested. Additionally, some key features of this model include:

  • • Set it by sales mix or product mix
  • • Seasonality
  • • Stock days
  • • Stock levels
  • • Gross margins
  • • COGS – Cost Price

Capacity & Yield Model

This model can be used for any business that earns revenue from operating a business process which has a defined capacity and a known yield or utilisation. Key features for this model are:

  • • Available Capacity
  • • Revenue Per Unit
  • • Utilisation or Yield
  • • Target Days Stockholding
  • • COGS – Cost Price

This models revenue segment also has a seasonality profile, new business model, factoring/invoice discounting model, lead time model, deposit model, opening orders model and debtors profile.

Licence Model

This model could be used for any business that earns revenue by the sale of licences or franchise fees. And if the business operates a franchise model, the initial franchise fee sale is represented by this model but the on-going franchise income generated by franchisees should be forecast by selecting and using the most appropriate revenue model. The model incorporates multiple tiers of licence or franchise fees and four data sets to build the forecast. Key features for this business model are:

  • • The average customer discounts
  • • Customer retention rate
  • • Average annual licence fee
  • • The number of licences sold per annum

Miscellaneous Model

This model enables any miscellaneous one off or repeat revenues to be entered manually such as the receipt of management charges, while the revenue stream name can be customised for use in the income statements.

Manual Model

Our software can be used by other business models as well. Users can add, change and run personalised forecasts. Our financial and cash flow forecasts can be built using any revenue models in combination.

Additionally, specific models in the background can account for various types of loans, mortgages, asset finance, capital structures, balloon payments, capital and interest holidays, various payment models, arrangement fees, foreign currency loans, with automatic exchange rate gains and losses.

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Upcoming revenue models & other additions

We will be adding these industry specific modules:

  • Consultancy
  • Agency
  • Fee Earners
  • Hospitality
  • Service Revenues
  • Property Revenues
  • Rental
  • Box Office
  • Transport

In addition, we are working on these non-industry specific models:

  • Gross Profit
  • Targets
  • Market Share
  • Sales Person Targets
  • Advanced Purchased Imports
  • Manual Targets
  • Reccurring Revenues

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