Collaborative Integrated Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and P&L Forecasting & Reporting for Business

  • Connected Cloud Forecasting & Strategic Planning for the Mid-Market.
  • High-level forecasting or Drill Down for a greater level of granularity.
  • Make informed decisions about the future of your company quickly and accurately.
  • ProForecast turns weeks of work into days and days into hours.
  • Our Rapier AI engine analyses your accounts and pre-populates a ProForecast Product and Services model calculating seasonality, sales volume, COGS and selling price of every product in your portfolio.
  • Produce informed and graphically enhanced reports with our Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation layer.
  • Create Custom Dashboards.
  • ProForecast is accessible from any device anywhere.
Saves you time
Create and update error free models quickly and easily.
Weeks or months to create a comprehensive model
Creation of complex models is time consuming, prone to errors and difficult to debug.
Distribute sensitive company information securely with user-based permissions and an audit trail to multiple stakeholders.
No control over your data
Once a spreadsheet has been sent by email you have no view or control who the recipient passes it onto.
One central plan
ProForecast provides a Single Source of Truth in a consistent format. Model can’t be broken by users.
Multiple versions
Multiple versions and formats in circulation which must be consolidated. Users break models deleting or “editing” formulae with no audit trail.
Ease of Scenario Planning
Create a base line forecast and micro and global What If scenario plans in minutes.
Instantly see the short or long-term effects of variables on your business.
Scenario Planning time consuming and unreliable
Excel models are cumbersome to change several variables or assumptions and see short- and or long-term impact on business.
ProForecast is integrated with your core accountancy systems, ensuring historical data and actuals easily available for forecasting and variance reporting.
Rapier AI automatically brings in all product groups and products, predicts seasonality, COGS and Sales Volumes.
Excel models require .csv exports to be mapped to be able to analyse historic data to produce a forecast or variance report.
Manually inputting of product data, seasonality COGS and Sales volumes. Time consuming and imprecise.
Cloud Based
ProForecast is accessible by all users anytime, anywhere on any device.
On-premise Software
Reliant upon email for distribution, no way to send limited information to different stakeholders.


Sage50Sage200 Excel

  • Sage authorised integration into Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage 200 Professional and Excel.
  • AccountsIQ Integration Partner.
  • Coming soon – Sage Intacct and NetSuite.
  • ProForecast also integrates with Xero, Quickbooks and many more cloud based accounting packages.