Drill Down

ProForecast allows you to drill down to as detailed a level of granularity that your data will allow. For example, you can drill down to see the performance or impact an individual product is having on your business, the performance of individual departments or even an individual sales head or fee earner.

Rolling Forecasts

This feature allows you to produce a living forecast based on real data as the forecasting period unfolds and benchmark performance against your annual or long term, budgetary forecast.  

Global and Micro What If Forecasting

Make informed business decisions by analysing the effect that a range of situations would have on your business by What If scenario planning. Build your assumptions in ProForecast by utilising multiple Global What Ifs to drive your planning. Add step changes to see how tuning your assumptions with Micro What Ifs will impact the future of your business.

ProForecast also lets you run a Monte Carlo Analysis to see the probability of a particular outcome on sales & gross margin.


Produce consolidated reporting and forecasts for a corporate group, multi-site business or franchise operation. Run models with group level What If scenarios. Benchmark the performance of individual group entities with financial and non-financial KPIs.


ProForecast allows you to compare the performance of your business and your forecasted projections against the overall performance of your industry or the economy as a whole. ProForecast utilises data from over 2.9 million businesses to produce the mean performance by industry. To produce the benchmark, the 2.9 million businesses are grouped into 750 SIC (Standard Industry Classification) codes with over 100 data points per SIC code. The data is visible in a report format and in the management dashboard.