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Making Technology Work for Financial Professionals

We design each and every revenue model individually to fit perfectly into your clients sector of choice. This allows you to not only plan efficiently, but to really focus on the particular business drivers that make up your clients financial results.

ProForecast is perfect for accountancy firms and financial advisors as it allows for total flexibility when it comes effectively planning and forecasting for clients in almost all fields.

Superpowered Forecasting

  • Unlike Excel, every calculated value, the AI engine will eliminate inconsistencies without skewing the results.

Strategic Planning

  • Our ‘what if’ feature gives you complete flexibility and allows you to plan for any eventuality.

Unlimited Forecasting

  • Our pricing plan gives you total access to the software, meaning you can plan for as many clients as you want, all within the same system.

Specific Revenue Models

  • We have designed each revenue model specifically to show exactly how revenue is generated, so your clients know they are getting a high quality, bespoke service.

Strategic Budgeting

  • Budget accurately by using our in-detailed data entry inputs to show every expenditure line.

Read-Only Access

  • Our read-only function allows you to easily control who sees your plans, ideal when dealing with a number of clients.

High Quality Reporting

  • The all-embracing reporting suite is fully formatted, integrated and includes all required financial and departmental reports.

Personalised KPIs

  • ProForecast gives you the ability to choose the key performance indicators most relevant to your business, and see them all in one convenient location.


  • All reports and dashboards can be exported to excel, word, PDF or email at the touch of a button.

Interested? Get in touch!

We would love to tell you more about our software and how it can help you. You can contact us on:

ProForecast Ltd
9 Austin Boulevard, Quay West, Sunderland
Tyne & Wear, SR5 2AL, United Kingdom.
Registered in England No. 8504280
P: +44 191 500 6168
E: information@proforecast.com

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