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Before the cloud, companies had to choose between costly, complex enterprise software or manual, error-prone Excel for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. ProForecast provides an alternative for all of those in between. Our financial forecasting software lets you move beyond Excel sheets and streamline your business planning, budgeting and all of your forecasting.

In the time of unstable economy and volatile markets businesses need accurate forecasts, they need to gain a better understanding of their market, they need to gain a better understanding of their product demand.

Unlimited Financial Forecasts

In the ideal world a single pre-set financial forecast is enough, however that is not the case in real world. Markets fluctuate every day, political landscape is unpredictable and so forecasting your business can be a tricky job.

With our financial forecasting software, you can integrate your revenue and expense planning and create unlimited forecasts. You can adapt your forecast to match a number of different scenarios with our integrated scenario planning tool, or you can create a number of different financial forecasts for number of clients. Completely unlimited!

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Integrated Business Planning

Our integrated business planning and financial cash flow forecasting software gives user the freedom to make the best financial decisions for their organisation. Utilising our scenario planning tools the user can plan accurately and effectively in all aspects of their business. Whether reforecasting or just updating you can easily change any modules in your forecast. ProForecast lets you truly manage your financial forecasts at the pace your business demands. Our instinctive cash flow forecasting software will allow you to truly integrate your business planning and seamlessly scale it when necessary without any updates or costs.

Best for Accurate Forecasting

To cater for an amplitude of businesses we offer a variety of business models for financial forecast and allow a user to choose forecasting technique they prefer themselves. Run any size forecast, big or small! We don’t limit the amount of data you can put in, and you can account for an abundance of items with our forecasting engine, and where necessary, create your own. ProForecast helps you express the best numerical value of any impact factors to the forecast, which is the most comprehensive way of cash flow forecasting.

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ProForecast Forecasting Software

A Solution for All

No more spreadsheets being passed around the office, no more fixing broken calculations and no more formula tables. Our flexible financial planning software will centralise all of your budgets, actuals, plans, forecasts, calculations and will ensure you maintain the same amount of detail. You can share your forecasts with other team members, edit them together, or just send them of to a client with no editing rights. Safe, secure and collaborative!

Take your finances to the next level and forecast like never before!

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