Easily integrate with the majority of accounting software packages!

Data connector enables users to directly import data from a wide range of accounting packages

For users looking for a  seamless integration solution, we offer a specially designed connector. It runs in the background converting the stored data created by your accounting system into a single unified form. The unified data is then delivered to your ProForecast account.

Whether your accounting data comes from on-premise or cloud-based software ProForecast users now can seamlessly integrate their accounting data into their strategic planning and forecasting!

ProForecast Data Connector
ProForecast Dashboard

Data connector has to be purchased in-app* and installed on your hard drive, this then enables ProForecast to seamlessly connect, allowing setup data to be imported from both on-premise and cloud-based accounting suites.

*Data connector costs £5p/m each and only available with fully licensed selected packages. For more information get in touch.