Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software

ProForecast is a cloud-based corporate performance management software for financial professionals that delivers high quality budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and dashboards. Designed for real world complexities and accessible from anywhere, our CPM software helps you visualise performance, centralise planning and integrates financial processing to improve your business predictability.

It’s Time To Move On

Manual spreadsheets and processes are simply to basic for most of the businesses. In the age where financial plans, business modelling and performance management has become so complex, spreadsheets create risk and drain productivity. ProForecast allows organisations to transform their corporate performance management to agile, responsive and reliable processes that can be easily shared through teams of all sizes.

ProForecast CPM Dashboard Reports
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Data Visualisation

ProForecast intuitive design helps to visualise your data and enhance your budgeting and forecasting by improving your planning and management, helping you succeed in increasingly competitive markets. Our software allows you to create beautiful reports, charts and models from many combinations of your data. We allow you to focus on identifying key drivers of profitability and adapt quicker to unstable economic landscape and powerful strategic insights.

KPI Dashboards

Whether you need a departmental dashboard, sales or staff recruitment or an overall financial progress report ProForecast will allow you to enhance revenue and business planning. ProForecast corporate performance management tool lets you instantly visualise variances, drill down into their causes, forecast and re-forecast with easy.

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ProForecast Forecasting Software

For the cloud in the cloud!

ProForecast corporate performance management suite is built for cloud. With a powerful cloud computing platform and modern in-memory calculation engine, ProForecast gives users the capability to work on our highly scalable and secure architecture that delivers consistent performance. Because our software has been built directly into a cloud platform there are no updates, no waiting times, no installation, which allows our users to work at their full potential with no downtime!

Take your business insights to the next level!

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