Running a business is hard on the best of days! And the most important part of running a business is making sure that cash is coming in the business. Ultimately, managing your business finances is about managing your cash flow – and even successful, growing companies are vulnerable to cash flow problems because they are prone to grow too rapidly. And this can quickly deplete a company’s success and lead to cash shortages. Because cash flow management is much more than simply taking a look at how much money is in the bank.

Here is a look at some tips for cash flow management that can help you get a handle on your finances:

Scenario plans

When it comes to cash flow management your environment is crucial. Unstable business environments and fluctuating economies mean that you can never be sure how your business will perform in the future. Utilising such trends and uncertainties in your business financial planning means that you can help alleviate some of these pressures to help accommodate business growth and predict better resource allocation. Scenario planning is a great future for such a task.

By using several budget projections, including best and worst-case scenarios and think about how you might respond. In the event of sales not performing as well as expected, you can be prepared. Additionally, scenario planning can help evaluate a variety of possibilities and prepare your business for any cash flow.

Financial projections

Financial projections or forecasts are one of the most important tools that are required for a good cash flow management plan. It will help to ensure their financial security. The forecast will tell you if you have enough resources to expand your business or if you should take some preventative measures to continue operating.

A strong financial projection will help you find out your expected expenses and anticipated revenues, and that will help you predict your financial stability and prepare better for any hardships you may encounter. In other words, a solid cash flow forecast can help you make better business decisions!

It is important to keep your forecasts accurate. With realistic data, you can run better predictions which will help you make better business decisions. And while sales forecasts aren’t always nice to do, they are crucial to ensure your forecast accuracy. Also, to further your forecasts you can use using specialised software, like ProForecast to run a cash flow forecast will enable you to run a more accurate forecast and will inform you of any mistakes or problems you put in.

Keep a cash flow cushion

Among all your forecasts and preparations, you will find that if you tweak a thing here, add some there and your 2018 is going to be your best year yet. But while it is easy to fall into this trap it is not – to get out.

Especially when business is going well, it can be very tempting to invest your cash to grow your business or cut yourself a nice paycheck. However, that isn’t always the best business decision, and even a week later your circumstances might change, and you will need that cash to stay afloat. And you should always keep a cushion in case a major client of yours decides to leave.

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