ProForecast development team is proud to present the first public update in 2018! ProForecast 1.6.5 not only introduces new features but also comes with upgrades to previous features and bug fixes to provide ProForecast customers around the globe with improved system stability and performance.

New function enables users to upload data to ProForecast from all major accountancy programs!

2018 is a year of business! It is time to embrace the power of security, integration and move your business to a new level with forecasts and strategic business planning.

To help you save time, we launched new integration feature to ProForecast. This feature allows users to sync and upload their data from major accountancy programs like Sage, Xero and QuickBooks. This enables users to run accurate forecasts quickly and helps to cut time on modelling intensive forecasts.


Other Great New Features Added:

    • Drilldown Reports

Now you can access drill down reports in an instant and allow users to see the underlying makeup of the report values so that the calculations are no longer a black box! Drilldown reports are now available on balance sheets, income statements for revenue and cost of sales lines, cash flow and departmental analysis.

    • DuPont Analysis

A method of performance measurement that was started by the DuPont Corporation in the 1920s is now a part of ProForecast offering. Using this analysis method, assets are measured at their gross book value rather than at net book value to produce a higher return on equity.

    • Copy Forecast Feature

Now allows users to fix a base forecast and then use the copy to explore complex global and micro “what if” scenarios without losing track of the base forecast. It also enables the faster setup of similar forecasts which can then be tweaked.

    • Variance & Actual Reports

After setting up a forecast, users can now import month end actual values to create an actual and variance reports.

    • New Export Facilities

Users can now seamlessly export reports in the following formats, Acrobat PDF, CSV comma delimited, Excel 97 – 2003, HTML rendering extension, PowerPoint, Rich Text, TIFF, Web Archive and Word.

    • Edit Rights

Now the plan originator can issue edit rights to multiple users so that different stakeholders can all work on a plan. However, each user must have a separate ProForecast licence.

    • User Access

Plan originator can now allow multiple users to view the reports and dashboards with a user-specific login, without the need for a licences.

    • Line by Line VAT & Creditor

In addition to the Global VAT and creditor profiles, users can now select at setup whether they would like to apply VAT rates and accounts payable profiles on an individual cost and revenue basis. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. With the global profiles the step change function can be used to vary the profile throughout the plan and in the case of VAT the global profile enables the sale of second-hand goods to be modelled. Line by line modelling is more accurate but can’t be used for second-hand goods and can’t be changed mid forecast.

    • Visibility Improvements

We have enhanced the contrast to make the data entry boxes more visible.

    • Deferred Revenues

Dependent on the licence length, the licencing model can now automatically calculate deferred revenues and release them to the income statement.

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