The quantity of information created every day means that cloud technology is becoming the fastest and easiest solution for consumers and business to process. Cloud gives the ability to access computing platforms and resources in real-time and much more efficiently than previously. This drives organisational efficiency, increased resource performance and improved profitability. Additionally, the flexibility of cloud technology increases innovation, productivity and business competitiveness.

But many businesses are still using on-premise solutions to deal with these problems and are not keeping up with the market as efficiently as they could. By integrating workflows in the cloud they could streamline business processes and improve their business performance. Here are five ways cloud solutions can streamline your business process.


Cloud technology really helps to facilitate the integration of automation in a business. Many of the tasks in the office has become repetitive and could easily be eliminated. Over time, many processes in the business have become monotonous, this is particularly true to small tasks, and additional added steps to larger exercises. Long-term these small tasks add up to prolonged times of usual business practices, that then will cost you more resources to complete. Cloud technology enables the business to welcome automation by handling many of these tasks instantly and automatically, freeing up your resources to be allocated elsewhere.

Prepare for the future

A great benefit of adopting cloud technology is that it allows your business to prepare for future eventualities, whatever they might be. Cloud technology can help your marketing team to facilitate and adapt to change faster or help forecast your business financials.

Additionally, cloud technology allows a business to scale much faster, easier and with minimum downtime compared to traditional hardware requirements for scalability.


No more spreadsheets being passed around the office, no more fixing broken calculations and no more formula tables. Cloud technology enables you to share work with other team members, edit together, or just send them off to a client for a quick view without any damage to the original file. What is more, the cloud allows you to sync projects between devices and remote teams in real time, without causing any delay.

Save on Hardware

Moving your business processes to the cloud will help your business save on hardware. Running software at a separate location frees up resources in your office. Also, it can help you cut down on spending on efficient machines tailored for every employees’ needs. Especially if you use the business cloud to access more processing power.

Streamline Downtime and Recovery

Cloud technology enables speed recovery from any data loss situation through regular backup in the background. Moreover, using cloud-based business software means that there is minimal downtime when it comes to installation, updates, and scalability. Also, using the cloud for your business software means that everyone in your business is using the same version at all times.

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