2 07, 2019


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Running a business is hard, and business owners and stakeholders need to manage risk on a daily basis. But if you learn how to systematically manage risk and successfully implement the risk management process into your business planning, then your projects can run more smoothly and be a more positive experience. Risk management in a [...]

8 05, 2019

The Importance of Planning in an Organisation

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Planning is very important to an organisation as it helps to pave the path for its goals. A good strategic plan will help a business to create a strategy that will enable them to start to pave the path towards achieving their goals, and if it all goes well such strategic plan will enable the [...]

14 03, 2019


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Over the last few years we have seen many organisations suddenly falling into crisis because of some changes in external factors of macro-environment. These companies seem to have one thing in common – they don’t think about the future enough. While there are a few tools in their business toolbox, the best one to predict [...]

23 10, 2018


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Business strategic scenario analysis is becoming a common task in the business. Although it is still incredibly difficult to prepare an exhaustive strategy, they do help many businesses to ask all the right questions and prepare for the unexpected. That’s where scenarios come in handy from a strategist toolbox. Strategic scenario analysis is particularly useful [...]

22 08, 2018

Functions of Scenario Analysis as Strategic Management Tool

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Since the oil shocks of the 1970s shook the business world, scenario analysis has become an inseparable part of running a business in an unpredictable economic environment. After many organisations have seen the success achieved by large organisations with scenario planning, approximately half of the largest European and US companies now use scenario analysis to [...]

24 07, 2018

What Is Monte Carlo Analysis & Why Is It Important For A Business?

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If you are looking to introduce a higher level of strategic and risk management to your business, you need to be aware of the Monte Carlo analysis (otherwise known as Monte Carlo simulation). The Monte Carlo simulation is a risk analysis technique which is used to identify the quantitative risk level of a project or [...]

10 07, 2018

What is What-if Analysis?

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A huge part of financial planning is evaluating potential scenarios your business is going to face in the future. There is a number of ways you can do that, scenario planning, sensitivity analysis and what-if analysis. What is what-if analysis? What-if analysis has many names in financial modeling world – some refer to it as [...]

14 06, 2018

Scenario Planning Techniques

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Future always comes with a degree of uncertainty, especially in this time of political turmoil. How can you build a plan for your company if you are uncertain about the future? Scenario planning was first developed by Royal Dutch/Shell to understand and prepare for an alternative version of the future including the first oil price [...]

14 06, 2018

What is Scenario Planning?

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Businesses are facing significant shortfalls by reacting rather than responding. Forecasts are often worthless and many just end up dealing with issues made by static assumptions months ahead of time. In this unpredictable business landscape finance managers need to accurately predict the future, those who don’t end up facing significant difficulty to operate, plan and [...]

14 06, 2018

Scenario Planning Pitfalls

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Scenario planning is a great forecasting and financial planning feature, that enables businesses to evaluate a variety of possibilities in rich details. Using trends and uncertainties your business might face you can plan to accommodate your business growth and resource allocation to improve your business decision making and development. Scenario planning simply means creating a [...]

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