8 03, 2019

Professional Services Forecasting And How To Do It?

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In the heavily service based economy forecasting is more important than ever. Professional service firms are in a dynamic business sector, which is quick to adapt to the new economy by becoming more agile and competitive in their respective fields. Understanding their customers, growth and purchasing patterns, and making better business decisions overall is crucial [...]

18 12, 2018


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Many businesses already have a solid system of sales forecasting in place as part of their business strategy. But most of sales forecasts are still created using only historical data and any new predictions for the future sales are often just some numbers managers pulled out of the hat. This leads to sales forecasts being [...]

2 10, 2018

Why Moving to Cloud Will Help Improve Your Business?

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  October here at ProForecast is a month of integration and change! As we introduced multiple accounting software connectors to our software, we are looking why moving to the cloud will help improve your business! Cloud technology has been a massive driver of change in all industries, but particularly it has completely changed the landscape [...]

14 06, 2018

How to Run Sales Forecast

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Sales forecasts are the backbone of business planning. Business growth is measured by its growth in sales and your sales forecast sets the standard for expenses, profits and growth. Sales forecasts are key to conducting a business. An in-depth sales forecast should help you develop and improve your strategic and operational plans while increasing your [...]

13 06, 2018

Sales Forecasting Pitfalls

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Sales forecasting is a key element for any company, start-up and business plan. However, many fear this job, as it can be difficult to produce an accurate forecast. First of all, why should you bother with forecasting sales after you submitted your business plan? If you don’t have to do it anymore, why should you? [...]