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18 09, 2018

Why business forecasting is important

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Companies don’t except for their operations to encounter economic and political interruption. And in such an unpredictable business landscape, chief financial officers need to accurately predict the future. Those who don’t, find it difficult to operate, plan and deliver valuable performance results. In such landscape, finance teams need the most reliable and relevant insights into [...]

13 08, 2018


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In today’s highly volatile business environment, organizations are forced to be dynamic in adapting to changes to ensure their very survival. By embracing continuous planning or rolling forecasts, companies can remain agile, focused and flexible with their performance expectations. A rolling forecast, or continuous planning, is a leading planning technique that will help organizations find [...]

6 08, 2018

What is Cash Flow Modelling?

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Whether you are looking to secure an investment or looking to give someone advice about investment, cash flow modelling is crucial in financial planning. But remember, the plan is always just as good as the data you put into it. Here we introduce cash flow modelling, how is it beneficial for the business and what [...]

30 07, 2018

The Road To Successful Cash Flow Management

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Running a business is hard on the best of days! And the most important part of running a business is making sure that cash is coming in the business. Ultimately, managing your business finances is about managing your cash flow – and even successful, growing companies are vulnerable to cash flow problems because they are [...]

18 06, 2018

User Experience Award and Rising Star Award

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Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award Under Financial Reporting Software for ProForecast by FinancesOnline Directory This end of May we are celebrating our first-year trading! And what better way to celebrate it with than with awards? This May, FinancesOnline, one of the most respected and reliable review platforms in the B2B market has [...]

15 06, 2018

Excel for Forecasts: Is Time To Move On?

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Sales forecasting is quite a debate on its own, and recently, business media drew a divide between people who forecast with dedicated software versus those who still use Excel for forecasts (if you haven’t seen this article, you are missing out!). So, we thought we are going to put our two pence in the debate about [...]

14 06, 2018

How to Run A Cash Flow Forecast?

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A cash flow forecast is one of the most important tools a business will have to ensure the business security. The forecast will tell you if you have enough resources expand it, we discussed the benefits of cash flow forecasting previously. Using specialised software to run a cash flow forecast will enable you to run a more [...]

14 06, 2018

Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting

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Cash is king! It’s the classic business line that EVERYBODY quotes every time somebody mentions profits. Cash is the bloodline of the business and if cash flow stops, it kills the business – and it does it fast, even if they are profitable! So whatever is associated with cash flow is crucial for any business [...]

14 06, 2018

How to assess business risk?

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Business risk assessment is crucial for your business. In today’s regulatory environment enterprises are expected to have a good understanding of their risk profiles and have implemented the appropriate governance structure to mitigate their risks. But smaller businesses often struggle with realising their risk and are often faced with situation management rather than risk management. [...]

14 06, 2018

How To Choose a Forecasting Technique?

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Over time running a business has increased in complexity and variety of tasks. With that, forecasting has become a much fiddlier task as well, and what proves to work for a manufacturing business, will not work for a company that supplies software. Thus, many different forecasting techniques have been developed in recent years. But how [...]

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