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3 04, 2019


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In order to develop an already financially stable business further, it is crucial to measure business performance and set future targets. Regular business performance reviews are crucial if you are looking to find new markets, access new customers and other new business opportunities. Such regular reviews will help to find new revenue channels, help avoid [...]

8 03, 2019

Professional Services Forecasting And How To Do It?

By |2019-03-08T16:21:07+00:00March 8th, 2019|Cash Flow Forecasting, Sales Forecasting, Strategic Forecasting|0 Comments

In the heavily service based economy forecasting is more important than ever. Professional service firms are in a dynamic business sector, which is quick to adapt to the new economy by becoming more agile and competitive in their respective fields. Understanding their customers, growth and purchasing patterns, and making better business decisions overall is crucial [...]

14 02, 2019

Why Dividing Your Forecast By 10 Is Costing You Money!

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“What do I do when my forecasts are wrong? I just divide them by 10!” – has been said by hundreds of people who have failed to appreciate forecasting… So, why is creating a forecast and dividing it by 10 not good enough? Forecasting is not just an exercise that financial and operational teams perform [...]

7 02, 2019


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Market fragmentation, growing popularity in zero-based budgeting, and political situation have all aided the creation of the environment in which companies need to concentrate on better processes, and asses and mitigate risk. This environment, more than ever, forces marketers to focus strongly on business outcomes, cash-flow, and revenue. However, they are well known to be [...]

28 11, 2018


By |2018-12-10T11:07:21+00:00November 28th, 2018|Cash Flow Forecasting|0 Comments

Ready or not, it is time to prepare your 2019 forecasts! While there are still a few weeks left until many of us will go on a well-deserved break, it is time to clean up the skeletons in the cupboard. 2018 has been a hard year for many businesses, and large numbers of high-street leaders [...]

20 11, 2018


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Scalability is the most important part of a business, it’s what makes it. Scalability is an all-encompassing company’s ability to handle a growing number of customers, orders, and requirements. Everyone starts with a hope of growing a customer base and increasing their sales revenue as soon as possible. And if the business does begin to [...]

13 11, 2018


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In an environment of rising interest rates, unstable political environments and uncertain future of trade, the accuracy of corporate cash forecasts come into sharp focus because of the dual effects of the direct cost of debt, and the opportunity cost of holding uninvested cash. Commercial debt is currently at a record high, and while not [...]

6 11, 2018

How will not planning for Brexit affect your business?

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Brexit is at the heart of the news cycle for the last few years since the UK voted to leave the EU and we are rapidly approaching “exit day” on 29 March 2019*. However, even this late in the process the future of Britain after Brexit isn’t clear, with many issues still unresolved. This inevitably [...]

30 10, 2018

6 things about cash flow projections that will shock your business

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A good cash flow projection is probably the most important piece of a business plan. All of your marketing, advertising, staff, and other ongoing business activities are nothing without the money to pay the bills. Cash flow projections help predict the future operations and understand the true profitability of the business. But not many businesses [...]

18 09, 2018

Why business forecasting is important

By |2018-09-25T15:16:45+00:00September 18th, 2018|Cash Flow Forecasting|0 Comments

Companies don’t except for their operations to encounter economic and political interruption. And in such an unpredictable business landscape, chief financial officers need to accurately predict the future. Those who don’t, find it difficult to operate, plan and deliver valuable performance results. In such landscape, finance teams need the most reliable and relevant insights into [...]

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