Perfect for advisors

Businesses are now seeking ways to become more agile and flexible when it comes to their administrative tasks, and the more expertise they can outsource, the more agile they become. This offers an opportunity for advisors to step in and offer a more strategic and planning services by becoming financial planning software reseller as well as a trusted advisor.

ProForecast let’s users utilise the platform for success and provide crucial planning, reporting and forecasting services.

Boost your revenue

ProForecast provides accountants with a cost-effective and easy way to develop the advisory side of their business and insulate themselves from the gradual loss of compliance work.

ProForecast will also add value to your customers, retain existing clients and help to attract new clientele.

Differentiate your business

The accounting world today is changing rapidly, technology is advancing the way we work and communicate, and practitioners need to adapt. By embracing technology, and supplementing its shortcomings with your communication skills, you can future-proof your practice.

Using specialised business planning software, you gain a significant advantage, given that financial and review meetings are typically sterile and unproductive public relations exercises, focused on “How did we do?” and “How much tax do I need to pay?”


Interested in generating more revenue?

Use as your own!

White labeling can help you improve client retention and referrals. By investing in a financial planning software that is branded as yours, internal buy-in has been proven to increase, as well as clients’ belief in your commitment to them.

Provide a sense of ownership that helps everyone focus on what really matters – the insights.

ProForecast Cashfow Breakeven Dashboard

Additional Revenue

Currently, business strategy and planning services are provided by expensive business consultants who come into the business as a third-party player, with very little knowledge about the business itself.

The opportunity for the accountants lies in being agiler when it comes to business planning and strategy. They are now well-positioned to step in and do that, but it takes a willingness to think more broadly about performance metrics rather than just financials.

ProForecast can help to bring that extra revenue with minimum cost and recourses to your business!